Dave Lindahl Bonus Pack for Buyers of “Emerging
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The back cover of my book indicates that you can get $375 in bonuses, but between the time I wrote the book and when it was published, I've added even more. So I’d like to send you in the mail a bonus package worth $922. I won’t even charge you shipping! And you can get it without any obligation whatsoever.

Why am I doing this? Because I want to deal with people who actually get up off the sofa and take action. You got off the sofa to read my book. And it will take a little more effort to register for my stuff below. Believe it or not, those two actions are too much for most people! If you’re one of the few Action Takers, you get the goodies.

Please understand that I never trade, rent, sell, or otherwise give my list of Action Takers to anyone! Plus, at any time you can tell me to erase your contact information from my files and I’ll instantly do it. So go to the bottom of this page and put in your contact information to collect your bonus.

What’s in The Bonus Package?
Audio CD: “Overcoming the 8 Roadblocks to Your Investing Success” ($89 Value)
I travel the country throughout the year, not only doing real estate deals, but also talking with investors. I’m in front of groups ranging from a few dozen to more than 20,000 investors at a time.

As you can imagine, certain themes keep popping up:
• “Dave, the one thing holding me back is...” or
• “I tried doing such and such, but I’m getting nowhere; what should I do, Dave?”

I’ve identified 8 key things that hold most investors back from achieving serious profits in real estate. Are any of these 8 Roadblocks holding you back? Listen to this audio CD and find out not only what they are, but how to get them out of your way.
Special Report: “27 Ways to Buy Real Estate With No Money Down” ($49 Value)
I laugh when I hear some people say “It’s impossible to buy real estate with no money down.” Those people tend to be taxi drivers or barbers, and not seasoned investors.

In this report you’ll find literally dozens of ways to start or grow your portfolio of real estate with no money down.
30-Minute Strategy Session ($400.00 Value)
Everyone’s situation is different. You may have all the pieces in place to get started in real estate investing, but there’s something holding you back. And that “something” might not be mentioned in any book or course.

That’s when this Strategy Session comes in handy. I have personally trained a handful of people in my office to help identify what’s holding investors back. You are likely to walk away from this 30-minute phone call with a crystal-clear idea of how to work around whatever’s in your way, so you can start making the kind of profits you deserve.
Audio Recording: Let’s Grill Dave ($89.00 Value)
You can become much wealthier, much faster when you invest in multi-family (apartment) properties. But many investors are scared by the myths and rumors about owning apartments. They think they’ll be forever unclogging toilets and dealing with problem tenants. What they don’t realize is there’s a whole different way to own apartments, and deal with no tenants whatsoever!

This CD is called “Let’s Grill Dave” because the interviewer grills me with a bunch of hard-hitting, no-nonsense questions about investing. Listen to the interview and decide for yourself whether multi-family investing can make you rich.
Certificate for 3 Months of My “Real Estate Insights” Newsletter ($146 value)
Every month I write a newsletter in which I name up-and-coming real estate emerging markets in the U.S. I also cover key skills you need to have as an investor, and answer many questions by active investors.

You’ll get a certificate that you can later activate to receive my newsletter for 3 full months for only $1.
DVD of My Live Seminar on Multi-Family Investing ($149 Value)
Sometimes you can get a good sense of someone through print. But sometimes it helps to watch that person. That’s exactly what you get to do in this DVD.

I discuss how to break the cycle of “work-sleep-work” that most people with day jobs are stuck in. I explain how to begin your real estate investing career with very little time, no prior experience, and little to no money.

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