About the Book

My book is about how to invest in real estate emerging markets with a focus on Multi-Family Properties.

Most investors have heard the term “emerging markets” applied to the stock market. There, investors venture into developing, volatile economies in the hope of high gains.

Real estate emerging markets can be a superior alternative. That is because the prospect of high profit is there, but the risk can be much lower than one would find in a developing country’s economy.

While the current national news media is reporting that the real estate market has bubbled, the readers of this book will discover that there are many cities around the United States that are either in the midst of emerging, or are currently taking off. Readers will also discover that investing in these markets through multi-family housing will bring them the highest and safest returns.

The book is about three main principles:

How to identify where a given market currently is in the real estate cycle, and what is the best investing strategy for that part of the cycle;
How to locate markets across the U.S. that are poised to grow rapidly (and how to avoid the soon-to-be-overbuilt ones); and
Why multi-family investing is ideally suited for long-distance investing, and rapid wealth creation.

I also discuss how to magnify your profits through a combination of Section 1031 tax-deferred exchanges, systematizing your business, and building a “Dream Team” of advisors to do much of the work for you.

Key Features

  • How to invest with little or no money down.

  • How to make a lot of money in any phase of your local market cycle (even in a bubble) and how to explode your wealth by investing in emerging markets.

  • How to make more money—doing fewer deals—through multi-family investing.

  • How to do one deal and replace the income from your current job, thus “retiring” yourself (instead of working for “The Man”, you become “The Man”).

  • How to invest in emerging markets and apartments if you have no time, no experience, and no credit.

  • Why there is less competition in multi-family investing; my system makes it easier for investors to get more deals.

  • How to get tax-free money through real estate investing.

  • How to create financial independence and financial freedom in a very short time through passive income and cash flow.

  • How to get large groups of people to pay your mortgages, pay for all of your property maintenance and give you money at the end of each month that you can do what you want with; re-invest, save or just go out and have some fun…a lot of fun!

  • How apartment buildings pay for your lifestyle.

  • How to ensure that if something were to happen to you, your family would maintain its lifestyle and standard of living and not struggle without you.

  • How to get quality management companies to manage your properties, so you don’t deal with a single tenant.

  • How to retire in three to five short years.

  • Why more units under one roof reduces the risk of your investment.

  • How economies of scale favor the multi-family property: You do less work, and make more money

  • How you can build wealth on a part-time basis.