Success Stories

"David Lindahl has great information and practical knowledge. I applied what I learned and bought a 9-unit apartment! That one gave me cash flow of over $1000 per month.
I like Dave’s theory of market cycles. I'm doing exactly what he is teaching...great stuff!"
— Nancy Wu, Frisco TX

"We took you up on your challenge and purchased a duplex with zero cash down and nothing out of pocket. The property should cash flow $300 per month! Thanks, Dave!"
— David & Pat Graves, Woodbury MN

"Hey, looks like we are closing on a 2-unit building in 2 weeks. I will receive about 10% of future equity buildup …but paid no money out of my pocket, which is good because I have none.
Not only that, but I will make about $5,000 on the front end!"
Joe Adleman, Chicago IL

"Dave, I closed on a 4-family about to go into foreclosure. You are phenomenal. On every page you share a tremendous amount of in-depth knowledge that I don't think I could ever have learned otherwise."
Acer Colt, Hartford CT

"I started my marketing and ran your ad. I had a call from a gal who said, 'I know a property like that...My mom has a house she needs to sell.’ I got this house under contract for $42,500…and am selling it on Tuesday for $66,000. I’m making $23,500! I might be able to squeak out a meager living doing 2 or 3 of those a month."
Mike Jake, Colorado Springs CO